Avindy was founded by a uniquely creative mother-daughter team, Avril and Cindy, who’ve combined their passion for found objects with a special history and design. Together, they create beautiful, hand-made jewelry that is inspired by a love for travel and a reverence for fine craftsmanship. Each piece of Avindy jewelry incorporates a blend of antiqued metals, gemstones, rare beads, beautifully intricate chains, and hand-carved pieces. Over a decade after they first began to dabble in creative, hand-made jewelry, Avril and Cindy continue to craft each piece of jewelry with love and care in their historic loft studio in Atlanta, Georgia.



e.newton design

Elizabeth Newton, the founder of enewton design, started on her journey of artistic creation after years of working in the corporate and commercial design field. After becoming the proud mother of triplet girls and a beautiful son, she found that her priorities changed drastically. enewton design came from that desire to create something that held meaning not only for herself, but for others as well.Today, Elizabeth creates classic, current, and timeless jewelry pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Her goal is to make enewton design everyone’s go-to for that “special gift” for the women in their lives. Here at The TreeHouse, we think that she’s well on her way to achieving that dream!



Handcrafted, unique and timeless. Established in 1997, these ideals have guided the Genie Soul line of jewelry by Tara Carignan. The name “Genie Soul” was derived from the Walker Percy novel, “The Moviegoer”, a favorite of Tara’s.  Percy uses the term to describe the sensations he experienced from the sights, sounds and smells of Chicago and New Orleans. We love that it reminds us to pay attention to all that is around us everyday, and especially when travelling. Tara started making jewelry as an artistic outlet while battling a baffling illness that completely changed her life.  She was forced to let go of the luxuries provided by a corporate job and embrace simpler, healthier life choices.  One of which was giving back to the community.  While doing volunteer work with HIV positive men and women she met Lou and Sally, two beautiful and uplifting souls that put her work in their art shows.  Thus began this journey.  As the business grew Tara studied for three years with a master jeweler in Atlanta to hone her skills. Inspiration for the line comes from music, literature, art and especially travel.  That particular passion, along with scuba diving, gives Tara the mental space to create fresh and authentic designs instead of simply mimicking mainstream fashion.  Trips to Vietnam, Cambodia and Africa have been life changing.  The lifestyles, nature, smells, and scenic images of each place – the journey – is what inspires… that is the “genie-soul”.   Our gift to you is the passion and detail that goes into each piece of jewelry.  Artisan jewelry sadly seems to be a dying art and is so special to us because of the meticulous, handcrafted nature of each and every piece.  Having sold mainly through boutiques and juried shows, we have now decided to branch out and spread our inspiration by launching an online presence. Tara’s work has been featured on television and in various magazines including Jezebel and Real Simple.  She lives in Atlanta with her husband Robert and their Jack Russell Terriers: Kozmo, Zoe and Nomar.



Motivated by passion and pride, Geraldina Jewelry offers a stunning selection of handmade jewelry that’s perfect for everyday wear. Using naturally occurring rare and semi-precious gem stones, distressed leather, vintage coins, and more, we proudly create simple and elegant necklaces that exude chic elegance.

Our designer, Geraldina Semel, takes her inspiration from a variety of materials, and is driven by the passion to enhance the inner beauty of every woman who wears her jewelry.



Gray Market Jewelry by erin morton was established out of a love for two amazing women – one my Mother, an artist and two-time cancer survivor — and a beloved and brilliant breast surgeon, friend, and inspiration to many, who died from pancreatic cancer in 2015. Because of them and all the others who fight their own battles, Gray Market exists.  Gray Market’s passion and original designs allow for 10% to be given to rotating charities that fund research for non profits including Pancreatic cancer, Childhood cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and Ovarian Cancer — in short, the sorts of places trying to make the world a better place.  Live. Wear. Inspire.